Financial Executive


Job Function

· Provide and collect accounting documents, End of the month to check the general ledger, subsidiary ledger;
· Timely preparation and submission of monthly financial and management reports to country management and the Regional Office;
· No regular accounts receivable accounts payable checks;
· Complete tax declaration on time;
· Calculation of depreciation of fixed assets and amortization of low value consumables;
· Responsible for the provision of various funds, taxes, and in accordance with the regulations in full surrender;
· Responsible for the collection project cost and make a comprehensive analysis, provide information or advice for the contract budget department cost control;
· Responsible for the company’s controlled cost control, found problems in the implementation process, corrective action in a timely manner comments;
· Responsible for the company project cost accounting, and according to the capital plan to supervise the project cost;
· Participate in cost analysis of economic activity;
· Supervise and guide the cashier’s work.

 Job Requirements

· College degree or above, major in accounting or related;
· Independent processing accounting , tax work for more than 3 years;
· Familiar with computer software、accounting computerization、tax policy;
· Independent accounting vouchers, account Settings, cost collection and transfer , report analysis and other accounting work;
· Comply with the financial ethics, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills;
· Advertising production company financial experience.

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