Assistant Executive Director


Job Function

· Responsible for the chairman’s office services;
· Responsible for the organization to write or check the company’s report Responsible for organize the drafting of the general manager meeting materials;
· Responsible for directing the company secretarial work;
· Responsible for the company’s office related matters and for meeting agreed matters;
· Responsible for supervision, inspection and approval of the leadership of the company superior reminders, approval documents and the general manager of the office meeting matters for the work;
· Responsible for the record, arrange meeting minutes. Remember good memorabilia;
· Responsible for document transceiver, operation, inspection, to guide the management of the document work, responsible for security work;
· Responsible for the masses letter, reception and other work;
· Complete other jobs assigned by the leadership requirements.

 Job Requirements

· At least 5 years experience in Sino-foreign joint venture or foreign companies;
· Good character;
· Good business etiquette, good image, good professional quality;
· Have some financial knowledge;
· Good writing skills, strong verbal and written communication skills;
· Have a strong sense of principle, responsibility and confidentiality;
· Work carefully.

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