Executive Producer

TVC Dept.


– Client service
· Contact with account executive, communicate and define related project details.
· Figure out main idea of projects and client’s main purpose; make plan, schedules and production standards for projects.
· Confirm implementation details and contents of projects with clients.

– Project management and control
· Make project management and control list, update newest implement details based on project progress.
· In charge of the shooting process and budget control, connect with directors. Supervise detailed schedule, agenda, shooting and production suppliers of projects.
· Involved throughout in the production process, clear supervise production budgets. Confirm implementation details and contents of projects with clients.
· Organize A/B-copy and all the internal check of final versions before hand them to clients.
· Participate in the modification of final versions; ensure the final versions are in line with the clients’ requirements.

Job Description

· Understand accurately about clients’ marketing strategy, product positioning, advertising requirements and budget plan.
· In charge of the control of production feasibility, budget reasonability, hold the balance between artistic expression and business promotion.
· General manager of the whole production progress. Proficient in TVC production process, request feasible quality requirements to production group.
· Familiar with different kind of directors, cinematographer, art directors’ style, feature and schedule, properly organize production team.
· Make good use of funds, ensure the expression of key points while control costs and finally meet the goals.

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